Rivers Teske, Author and International Speaker

Rivers Teske believes that we must all be on a citizen’s mission to be 21st century world changers as leaders, advocates and mentors to those who are abandoned, hungry, in crisis and discarded as “the world’s throwaways.” 

Her life affirming messages and sphere of influence reaches across the spectrum from corporate to the most vulnerable in society where her passion to “make a difference” in the lives of people lies in the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the human family.

Prior to founding Hidden Choices and Stop The War on Children, Ms. Teske owned and operated a successful women’s apparel and manufacturing private label business. She proudly served as a Military Ombudsman & Liaison to Navy personnel and families and as an active Board member while her husband, Paul, served as a Navy Chaplain for twenty years and in ordained ministry spanning forty five years. It was while spearheading several Mother Teresa Slum Projects and encountering the extreme poverty and the family in crisis that her life was completely changed. It was through these experiences that she made the passionate decision to support and creatively mentor and minister wherever and whenever possible to leaders and to the vulnerable. Ms. Teske believes in the declared human rights of the family protected at all stages, achieving success and living life defined by purpose and love.

Today Ms. Teske sits on several non-profit boards. She is certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington, a graduate of Baylor University and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She and her husband travel extensively and have ministered in over 70 nations. Their firm belief is that, God Will Make a Way in all things and through all issues of life.  

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